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Picea pungens ´Baby Blue´

Colorado Spruce
Zone: 2-8
10´ @ 10 years
6"-8" /year
upright, pyramidal

    This variety was selected for propagation because of its consistent, rich blue color.  Rather than fading with age, this outstanding, blue hue becomes even more intense with the passing of years.  ´Baby Blue´ is a symmetrical growing pyramid that requires very little pruning, does well in full sun, and prefers well-drained soil. With a growth rate of approximately 8´-10´ in 10 years, ´Baby Blue´ is a great fit for the larger garden area, or landscape.  ´Baby Blue´ is a beautiful specimen when planted as a solitary point of interest, or, when planted in a group, can be an effective and uniquely captivating screen.  Either way, this variety is sure to enhance your garden environment, 365 days a year.

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