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Picea glauca ´Sander´s Fastigiate´

White Spruce
Zone: 2-7
4´ @ 10 years
2"-4" /year
Dwarf, upright - partial shade

´Sanders Fastigiate´ has a very tight, upright, columnar, pointed form, this being the reason for its descriptive name.  It is truly a dwarf, growing only 2"-4" /year.  This compact, slow-growing form is a perfect fit for the small garden, or rock garden area.  ´Sander´s Fastigate´ may be small in stature, but not in function, as its color, shape and texture will make it a most welcome companion for annuals and perennials.  Unlike these companions, however, ´Sander´s Fastigate´ will look fantastic 365 days a year. Gardeners in warm climate areas may want to consider giving this variety a little relief from the direct rays of the afternoon sun.

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