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Picea abies ´Roanoke No. 1´

Norway Spruce
Zone: 3-8
4´ @ 10 years
1"-3" /year
Dwarf globe

´Roanoke No. 1´ is a densely branched, dwarf globe.  The green branchlets are full of dainty needles that radiate out from the stem.  The  light green buds found at the end of these branches turn brown by summer, to provide a nice color contrast.  ´Roanoke No. 1´ is a perfect fit to be planted in small groups along a border, or on a bank.  It also makes a colorful statement when placed next to annuals and perennials in the small garden area.  No matter what its use, this dainty, dwarf delight will look great in the garden, 365 days a year.

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