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Picea abies ´Lucky Strike´

Norway Spruce
Zone: 3-8

5´ @ 10 years
2"-4" /year
Upright, irregular, pyramid

The Norway spruce, ´Lucky Strike´  (also known as ´Lombartsii´ ), is an upright grower with "wide shoulders".  While they tend toward clustering, the branches are so densely arranged, that the plant has a very full appearance.  Those branches are covered with dark, rich blue green needles.  The needles tend to grow out along the same direction as the branches, rather than perpendicular to them, giving the branches a slightly softer look than some Norway varieties. ´Luck Strike´ is a rare find, and will be greatly admired in any garden setting for many years, as it will only grow to about 5´ in 10 years.

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